Alfington Church

Church of St James and St Anne

Parish of Alfington

A view of the south-side of Alfington church
The congregation at Alfington church

Welcome to church

The Alfington Church community is small but very committed. Our usual attendance is between 8 and 10 and we hold 2 services a month, currently both services of Holy Communion. We are a very relaxed and welcoming church, where being perfect definitely takes second place to being genuine. We sing our hymns unaccompanied and everyone helps out in one way or another. The church is very cold most of the year but our friendship is warm!

Location and information

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Church of St James and St Anne
Church lane
EX11 1PE

Nearest defibrillator

Next door in the church hall

Latitude / longitude

50.774993773384736 / -3.258905410766602

Church Officers

Churchwardens (or if vacant the parish priest) can help you with general enquiries about the church, and if you are researching your family history. PCC Secretaries can help with information about the work of the Parochial Church Council and any correspondence should be directed to them. PCC treasurers deal with the finances of the church and are always pleased to discuss giving to the church or making a legacy in your will.

  • Bridget Faithfull


  • Val Phillips


  • Philip Cannon

    PCC Secretary

  • Philip Cannon

    PCC Treasurer

Contact an officer

Alfington contact form

Church accessibility

As a Mission Community we are very aware that our ancient buildings are not always the most accessible. Where possible we have made changes to make them more user-friendly but there are some limitations that we are not able to work round.

  • Open daily 9 AM - 5 PM

  • Very limited parking

  • Toilet (services only)

  • Churchyard wheelchair friendly but steep

  • Wheelchair friendly church

  • No hearing loop

A view of the lychgate at Alfington church

Church features

All of our churches are unique many date back many hundreds of years. Each building tells a story and highlighted below are some of the features that are especially noteworthy.

  • Children's area

  • Wildlife friendly churchyard

  • Pugin designed window

  • 1897 lychgate dedicated to "Victoria the Good"

  • 16thC oak eagle lectern

  • Bishop Patteson memorial plaque and carving

A view of the wooden carving depicting the martyrdom of Bishop John Patteson having been killed by Solomon islanders


Alfington Church (a Grade 2 listed building) started life as a Chapel of Ease to Ottery. It was built in 1849 by Sir John Taylor Coleridge and designed by his friend William Butterfield. Butterfield was busy restoring Ottery St Mary church at the time and the family also commissioned a parsonage and school house in Alfington. A churchyard was added to the church in 1878 and then Alfington became a parish in its own right in 1882. A consecration service to move it from being a Chapel of Ease to a full parish church was held on 29th September 1882 by the then Bishop of Exeter, Frederick Temple.

The church is a plain building, always intended to be a temporary one, made of roughly rendered brick with small lancet style windows. It can seat 150 people which must always have been optimistic given the size of the village.

The church has connections far beyond the village however as Bishop John Coleridge Patteson, the first Bishop of Melanesia was curate here. There is a fine memorial to him by Butterfield at the West end of the church as well as a wooden plaque presented by the people of the Solomon Islands to the church depicting the martyrdom of the Bishop.

For a more detailed history please visit the Historic England page.


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