Real Prayer course

A person praying with open hands in church


February 19th    
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


West Hill Church Hall
Bendarroch Road
West Hill
EX11 1UW


What does the word “prayer” make you think of?

Many may answer that it’s a religious activity for old people and vicars, or that it’s a weird superstitious ritual . . . . or something that you’ve done in a moment of desperation! For some Christians, the word often conjures up a sense of duty, something that we struggle to do.

This year on Monday afternoons we are following a seven-week course called “Real Prayer”. It’s not about a formula or technique for praying, but simply about connecting with God. It’s something for the whole church, and anyone else who wishes to come along will be very welcome

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Also known as ‘The Narthex’. Parking is available next to the church hall.