Growing deeper in faith

Offering opportunities to explore the Christian faith in a small group setting

New shoot growth symbolising growth of faith

Discipleship is about growing as a Christian

Growing as a Christian is something we do both as individuals and in fellowship with others. There is great strength in finding that you are not alone with your questions and doubts and there is great wonder in hearing other people’s insights and reflections.

How can I grow in my faith?

Build your own relationship with God

Start by praying: open yourself to God and see what happens. You might want to use a traditional prayer like the Lord’s Prayer (the “Our Father”) to start. Or just sit down, say “hello” to God and tell him what’s on your heart. God loves us deeply, he knows us completely and there’s nothing that will shock him. He wants to be a relationship with us, and its usually us that put barriers. Prayer is the place where we take down those barriers and allow ourselves to be transformed by God’s love.

If you are very new to faith, treat the Bible with caution! It’s a long and complex book written over many centuries and sometimes its quite hard to understand.

For more information about how to start reading the Bible contact your local priest.

Join a house group

Joining a House or Home Group is a great way to get to know people better, and to get to know the Christian faith better. House Groups are usually limited in number to 10 people, to allow everyone to get to know each other, build trust and feel confident to share their story and their thoughts. Groups might study a book of the Bible or a theme of the Christian faith, or explore prayer or discuss how we as Christians respond to the news that week: there’s no end to what can be discussed!

For more information or to ask about which house group is right for you please contact your local priest.

Go on a pilgrimage

A pilgrimage differs from a simple walk in that it is walked with the express intention of spending time with God. Pilgrimages explore the sacred geography of our country, tracing often centuries-old routes and talking you from one scared site to another. Our local pilgrimage is the Patteson Way.